Everything you need to know about color correction

Which one is right for you?

It is no secret that we could not survive without a concealer – the cosmetic weapon that covers a multitude of sins. From an early morning to spots and beyond. And while we have always praised the benefits of our beloved corrective, we thought it was time to delve into one of the most astounding talents of correctives: color correction.

Yes, some correctives have the power to correct colors like purple on eye bags and flare ups of bright red acne. If color correction correctors are slightly out of your comfort zone, do not worry – we’ve put these together to detail everything you need to know….


Color Concealers are designed to hide skin imperfections such as redness and general discoloration. They are particularly good for anyone with dark circles, scars, dark spots and hyperpigmentation ..
Most minor skin discoloration problems can be controlled by your base and concealer, but if you are pursuing perfection, a corrective correction of color under your base will do the trick! They are specially formulated to deal with these complicated areas.
Choosing a corrective corrective of the right color for you boils down to two things: color and consistency. If you have an extreme case of discoloration, you will need a heavier product with a stronger tone. To standardize mild to moderate discoloration, you’ll want a more pure formula in a softer shade.
When confused about which color to get, see the color wheel: complementary colors, or opposites on the color wheel, cancel each other out.
Green corrects extreme rednesses, such as birthmarks, rashes, skin sensitivities, etc. Use complete formulas for moderate redness. Green is great for angry red acne brands. Just be careful not to deposit too much product on site. You do not want this to appear hardened or you’ll just call attention to it.
Yellow corrects red and soft pink tones. Unless you have extreme redness, use yellow on green to correct problems such as broken capillaries or mild sensitivities. Yellow is great for redness around the nose and mouth.
Rosa corrects yellow and soft green tones, overly illuminating the pale and olive skin. Very light shades of pink are also great to highlight!
Want to know which color corrects dark spots? Orange and peach blue tones correct under dark circles, dark spots caused by aging or sun damage. Orange is great for covering up a blue bruise, while lighter shades of orange, such as peach, are best to cover a smoother blues case. Lighter skin tones can use peach to cover hyperpigmentation, while deep skin tones benefit from orange and red tones.
Violet and blue neutralize shades of yellow and orange, corrects dark spots and hyperpigmentation and excessively orange skin (think of self-tanning). If you have any yellow dots to hide, choose a purple hue. If you are unsure about yellow tones across your face, mix a little lilac corrective with primer and apply under its base.

Concealer Radiant Creamy Concealer from NARS.

Since returning from travel and commented that I had bought the Radiant Creamy Concealer from NARS I get a lot of requests to review it around here.

Looking for a perfect concealer? Here it is … Today I show Radiant Creamy Concealer of Nars, my favorite corrective of life. Great coverage, durability, yields super good and leaves the skin beautiful. Coverage is medium to high, depending on the amount you use. As it is well pigmented, a little already gives a medium coverage, and a little more already covers everything.

But the cool thing is that it glitters and the skin does not look opaque. On the concealer has a sponge-tip applicator, gloss applicator style. There is nothing very different, but it is effective to apply the product directly on dark circles and pimples or other imperfections. It is creamy and has high coverage. It covers well without being sticky or too dry. After it dries, it does not add texture to the face, giving the impression that it has nothing on the skin. Oh, it does not trickle or crack.

Is it worth investing in the concealer?

If you like makeup, have mature skin or have a hard time finding the right shade to camouflage imperfections this can be a great investment. It costs $ 179 a version with 6ml of product, it has a high coverage but does not leave the skin heavy and is super easy to spread. In addition to fixing it illuminates, and has a super long duration. So, even though it’s pretty expensive for some, I really think it’s worth it. It may be too heavy for mature skin that already has many lines of expression.

What the brand describes.

“Radiant Creamy Concealer is enriched with active moisturizers beneficial to the skin. It is a multi-action concealer that instantly camouflages dark circles and imperfections, not marking the lines of expression. Provides medium to high coverage and natural and radiant finish with long lasting results.
Formula free of parabens, alcohol, fragrance, non-comedogenic. Tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically. “

Is lip balm really need to use?

The use of lip balm must be done by everyone.

Regardless of whether or not they use a protection factor lipstick, because even these do not have the same protective effect, because the very paint used in the composition of the lipsticks disrupts the protective action. Lip skin needs daily protection, it needs protection – including solar – and hydration. That’s why lip balms are so important. True that some lipsticks bring moisturizing ingredients and FPS, but the hydration of lip balms is more effective.

How to choose the Lil ‘balm?

There are hundreds of different products of all prices and tastes. And many are more “scrumptious” than potent, so it’s good to opt for versions that contain active ingredients that actually prevent dehydration and treat skin like; Ceramides, shea butter , dexpanthenol, beeswax, cocoa butter and hyaluronic acid. And do not get confused, cocoa butter they do not moisturize. They fatten your lips, those who really moisturize are the Lil ‘balm.

A few more tips.

If you do not want a simple Lil balm, there are some that are shaped like food and are super cute. Produtos of beauty and food, it is fact. It is impossible to say who occupies a larger space in our hearts! But when these two worlds come together, it’s really wonderful. And yes it is in the cupcake format and since you are knowing how Lil balm is needed for our day to day. Boat always practice a weekly exfoliating to your lips.

Exfoliating the lips once a week helps remove those “fine” skins and leaves the region softer and smoother. Calm, you do not have to buy another product. Because with sugar, honey and vegetable oil (it can even be olive) you can make a very moisturizing and very little aggressive lip exfoliant. The most famous is the honey with sugar. But of course after exfoliating, always use Lil ‘balm. Until the next article and be well.

Vult Shadow Quintet: Diva

Vult is one of the Brazilian national brands that I like best for the ease of being found.

For having friend prices, but mainly for always bringing an incredible range of products with an incredible quality. The vult palettes are well pigmented and come with basic colors and even some bolder colors for that night make that we love. And nothing better than a review of the palettes so that we know better and see if it is worth the investment. This was one of my first palettes of the brand and that is a great success, for bringing basic colors with scintillating and opaque finish. All colors are well pigmented according to the intensity of the tone.

What the brand has to describe:

“With ultra-fine texture and micronized particles, the product promotes high adhesion and vibrant colors, providing flawless finish to the make-up. From the classics to the bolder ones, the quintets allow a multitude of combinations. ”

This vult shade palette with 5 colors is ideal even to carry in the bag. Because in my opinion it does not occupy space, is thin, and leaves you ready to raze in the makeup. And it is worth remembering that, fashion is now neutral makes, that eye more natural and elegant. The only thing I see is the fact that some shadows crumple a little as the brush passes. However, for the price, even crumbling I am still happy, because when talking about pigmentation, they get a lot of bonuses, the colors reveal well in the eyes, they last and have a soft texture. We have in colors: Black, brown, guava (a light pink), a pearly and at last a very light nude.

The main negative point is the fragility of the packaging. However beautiful it is weaker than the Touch of Nature, for example (but the colors are better). They are very pigmented, but they crumble a bit. So you have to be careful not to get your skin dirty while doing the make! Always try to use primer to last longer.

Bat with flower inside, Kailijumei

Déjà vu at the beauty shop.

There came the modern version of gloss with a transparent roller, fever in the 80s and 90s; Who had a model of Lip Smaker, Maybelline or Avon? In this world of makeup when you think you have seen everything has a brand that can innovate and profit even more. Secure this mega novelty! The one responsible for the lipsticks that come with flower inside it (bullet), is the Kailijumei (Chinese brand). This collection brings transparent lipsticks. And inside each bullet (stick) comes a beautiful miniature rose, it’s like a crystal protecting it. Although transparent, they add a slight color to the lips that changes according to body temperature. It looks like it’s a super hydrated lip balm that adds a light color. It has ingredients such as cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil and grape seed oil.

We felt a vibe Beauty and the Beast in that lipstick, saw! Oh, did you know that now you can buy an enchanted rose like the one in the story? I really have a pain in the conscience to use and it’s a pity that the flower is disappearing. But I end up not resisting and I have used over other lipsticks to give a little extra.

The lipstick was so successful in its launch that have made versions fake it the internet sale, what to expect from China are not my people …

So be careful when you buy, check if it is the original Kailijumei, they deliver in Brazil. Each lipstick goes from U $ 15,00 to U $ 30,00 which gives approximately from R $ 51,00 to R $ 102,00. Remember that this lipstick has as its main function the hydration of the lips (ideal for day to day, and also to pass before bed, without having the risk of waking all stained). The brightness goes away as the hours pass, but the color on the lips remains.