Pink Lancôme illuminator Absolutely Rose

The illuminator, as its name suggests, is responsible for creating spots of lights on the face giving that natural glow to the skin.

It is the great responsibility of giving that beautiful look to the skin of the celebrities in which we have been so inspired. The illuminator may not be immediately identified in a makeup. But its presence makes all the difference in the final result. The item is used to finish the makeup and highlight areas of the face, leaving a natural and sophisticated finish.

The illuminator before was an extra step at the time of doing the makeup and ended up winning the heart of the crazy for beauty. He took a captive place in the nécessaires and became essential in the routine of many people. Among the options of powder or liquid illuminator, it depends on each person. “For greasy skins, powdered illuminators are more dull and avoid excessive glare. We use it when we want to highlight a certain area of ​​the face. We are going to present a super innovative illuminator, really captivating, something constantly unique. If you are someone who prefers a natural makeup , this bookmark is right for you.

What say, then, when we saw this illuminator that comes with a rose inside?

It was inspired by the Parisian spring that has this very romantic air. The product is part of the Absolutely Rose, spring 2017 collection of Lancome. A French company that has the flower as its trademark. It is an artificial rose that is inside a case that I think was inspired by a jewelry shop from the 50’s. The rose and bathed with the illuminator and when the brush is passed through the petals, the product comes out.

To use it on any part of your face you want to highlight, such as your cheeks and nose.
The price of this beautiful rose and $ 60 for those who receive in dollars or euros of good, now for us Brazilians is very expensive. If you come to Brazil it is around 300 reais. If you have a person who lives where the coin is euros or dollars. Ask her to pick it up for you, haha ​​gift piece.


Did you know that the order of beauty products interferes – a lot! – In the makeup finish?

Soap, micellar water, moisturizing cream and sunscreen are essential to leave the skin clean and ready for the base or the BB Cream, and need to be applied properly so that they do not lose their effect. As a general rule, lighter products should be applied first and heavier ones last, since if we apply the heavy ones first, the light ones, which are generally water based, can not “cross” the heavy ones and penetrate the skin.

So it’s always good to know what we should put first right?

Soap or micellar water to clean.

If you have dirty, oily skin full of impurities nothing you spend on it will do


The function of the tonic is to regulate the pH of the skin, which can undergo changes due to external aggressions and even the soap. Some types still control the oiliness and brightness of the face.

Cream for the eye area.

The eye area is very sensitive and the creams applied here are usually quite light, so this is the first of the creams to be applied

Solar filter.

Do not apply the sunscreen. It is that makeup and moisturizers have very low SPF and worst: they are not phototable and most of the time do not effectively protect from the “invisible” light, such as the PC screen, which also causes a lot of damage to the skin.


No one deserves to spend a long time doing the make and in a few hours she already cracks. Because it contains fluid texture and high concentration of active ingredients, serum is usually the most indicated by dermatologists. The primer is a pre-make-up product. It should be passed before the base, the powder and the corrective.

Anti-aging cream.

Anti age creams should be applied after the moisturizer, and always in the order of the lightest pro heavier.

Once you have treated and protected your skin, it is time to know the next steps of the makeup.

Since the primer has been applied, let’s start by putting the shadow already, avoiding having blots with the skin ready. After the shadow comes the eyeliner. The eyelash mask, base, eyebrow fill, concealer, contour, compact powder, blush, illuminator, lipstick, and lastly the icing on the cake, the lipstick!


You want to make a beautiful and neat make, you have to know how to apply the base on the face!

Many are the women who face this challenge and do not understand how to apply the basis to the equal professional face. Thankfully, there are several tricks that help us at that time. In the application of the base, for example, as well as to disguise small imperfections at the time of our makeup. And whether it’s with the sponge, the brush or the fingers, what really makes a difference is the way you apply. Indispensable for a perfect makeup, the base is the key to leave the face flawless and free of imperfections. Without it, the look is not complete and the products do not adhere so well to the skin, so it is fundamental to master the application.

Here are some key questions about applying the base to Beyoncé’s make-up artist.

According to Sir John the ideal is to apply the base with a damp sponge just after the use of the moisturizer, when the product is still “wet.” Letting the base dry along with the moisturizer provides a more natural make-up finish, in addition to avoiding skin dryness throughout the day and of course, putting only on points that really need foundation. A step by step to explain you better about this.

Place the sponge under running water until it “swells”

Squeeze excess water. Ideally, the sponge should not be soggy, but rather damp.

Apply base to face with fingers.

Now spread the product by tapping the sponge all over the face, starting at the center of the face. And after all, do not forget the neck.

In addition for a real professional finish, press the sponge lightly on the skin, so that the base will melt with the moisturizer or primer that are still moist.

And right, now surely we can have the chance to have a makeup without too much base excess like her!


If you are not a fan of the sticky effect on your lashes and this ends up happening in almost all your productions, it is time to investigate what is being done wrong in this makeup.

The well-cared eyelashes open and enhance the look, leaving the production even more beautiful and complete. In order for the eyelashes to always be clean, it is necessary to take some care and know how to apply the eyelash mask correctly. Your eyelashes go flat, look dull or even full of black gypsum after application of mascara, the problem must be in the way you apply the product. So be very careful.

Here are five tips to keep your eyelashes from sticking together.

Before applying the mask make sure the wires are clean, this residue may end up creating a heavier appearance in the area. To prevent this from happening, always begin the process of makeup with a special makeup remover for the eye region.

Do not forget to pick up the hairs from the root, this ensures that they are well stretched.

Instead of just brushing the brush from the bottom up, make the zigzag movement from the root of the eyelashes to the tips. This will cause the eyelashes not to bulge. If some lashes stick together, the tip is to use that eyelash comb, which will help separate them.

Not too much or too little: use the eyelash mask in a balanced way, another common slip and that can detract from the beauty of your makeup is to use the shaping mask in small or exaggerated amount.

Learn about the ideal mask applicator. Finally, one of the most common mistakes that may be hindering the final result of your make on the lashes is the type of applicator used with the mask. In general, the experts’ tip is to avoid brushes with long and full bristles. Since this type of brush retains much more of the product.

Enjoy these tips a lot, and tell me if it really worked for your landlady.


Lipstick is a beauty item that should not come out of the woman’s necessaire, as it is able to transform an entire makeup.

Every year new lipsticks are released ranging from the vibrant colors and shades to brighten up your makeup. Clothes, accessories and shoes, makeup styles also change with the arrival of summer. The warmer and sunny days demand color, lighter fabrics and much comfort. In makeup, lightweight productions will gain space and of course not to go unnoticed, it is always good to know what are the styles trends and lipstick colors for the summer.

So check out the trends for this summer of 2018!

Coral lipstick.

The color combines with all skin tones and highly values ​​the makeup. The lighter shades, neon and more reddish background comes with everything.

Pink lipstick color.

The color is perfect for any occasion and in the summer is usually one of the darlings of the nécessaire. It can also be used to go out on summer evenings with a tan look.

Purple Desire

The darker ones impress and leave the modern look. In summer, the open tones usually make success in the lips of the Brazilians. A good option to use at happy hour.

Burnt red.

leaves the make of the evening elegant and makes room for you to captivate in an enlightened look that summer asks for, like a golden shadow, bronze or silver, for example. Not to mention that the red lipstick with burnt bottom is perfect especially for a vintage style, back in the 90s.

Brilliant mouth.

Remove the gloss from the drawer and abuse the wet mouth. Who wants to take advantage of matte lipstick stock is to just bet on the transparent lip gloss and apply it over the lipstick.

Batom Nude

If you are not a fan of vibrant colors, the light tones are beautiful and a great option to use on the hottest days, the tip is to get a tone that is close to your skin tone. If possible try before you buy this lipstick.