Enjoy a scaly-foot scented with cinnamon.

People have a habit of thinking we’re born knowing these things.

It is the same with “braising” and “spreading”. For those who do not know, it is a therapeutic bath for the feet that relaxes the entire body and also contributes to a greater mental balance to carry out the tasks of day to day.

The term foot-scaling is very old treatment, used by our grandparents. Its main purpose was to warm the feet and take the cold after a walk in the snow, exposure to rain, flu and joint pain. The sole of the feet there are spots that can be affected and the use of hot or cold water too. Put some marble marbles or stones on the bottom of the container where the scales will be made. They provide a good massage on the soles of the feet. Just press them on them. Helps relieve foot pressure, rest your legs, reduce calluses. You will need a basin or bucket, warm water at the temperature that is bearable, enough to cover your ankles. Creativity and a few minutes available to relax and soothe the mind and then the ingredients for a foot-scaling with cinnamon.


Three packets of chamomile tea

Five tablespoons of coarse salt

Cinnamon sticks

Method of preparation of foot-scaling:

Bring the water to the fire and wait until it is warm, but be careful not to leave it too hot because it can cause burns.

As soon as you finish heating the water, take the three packs of chamomile and add it to the water.

Then when the water gathers color, mix all the other ingredients.

Now put your feet in the water up to the ankles and relax for 15 minutes.

Cinnamon scalps are highly recommended for anyone looking to renew their energies and feel more willing. And do these procedures at least twice a week.

One note: It can not be done on people with Diabetes (due to a lack of tactile sensitivity, it is contraindicated because they can burn with hot water and do not perceive it), atherosclerosis or Buerger’s disease.

Olive oil becomes a natural make-up remover perfect for taking waterproof mascara.

The waterproof mascara can be quite difficult to take away since it is made to be water resistant and therefore it is useless to wash the face to remove it.

But you do not have to worry! This type of eyelash mask can be removed quickly and effectively, not only it as the makeup as well. After all sleeping with makeup or skin with residue is one of the worst things you can do with your face. Residues clog the pores, promote the production of oil, and the result everyone already knows can lead to more oily skin with more acne or pimples, as well as blackheads … The main idea is that this process is carried out safely to human health and the environment, with natural and affordable products, since many men and women get their makeup done, so they need to take these products frequently. That’s right, I’ve come to teach you how to make a Biphasic Make-Up Remover!

What would be a Biphasic Cleanser?

Two-phase make-up removers are an average between the two other types (the water-based and oily). Ideas for those who have normal skin to drought, since they are a little more fluid. If your skin is oily, avoid this type of makeup remover, since it can increase oil production, but usually remove the makeup very well. Besides that some has scents.

Let’s make the olive oil decancer: First the ingredients.

An extra virgin olive oil

A mineral water

Nothing difficult, right?

Take a suitable container and fill half with water, half with olive oil.

Close and, when using, shake well and pour quickly on cotton.

Put the wet cotton for a few seconds in the eyes. With water proof makeup to then rub very gently in this region. When applying in the eye region, remember to not apply pressure or pull on the lashes. So as not to break them.

Very important you also change the cotton as soon as it removes the mascara in the other eye.

Fight stretch marks with a hydration of slug and olive oil!

Striae are a term characterized by irregular regions of the skin that look like lists and may appear whitish or reddish.

These marks can appear when there is a rapid stretch of the skin. As in the blessed pregnancy, either by excessive gain of weight, accelerated growth, among other factors. Various aesthetic treatments can be used to combat them, some from natural products. There are a number of expensive creams on the market and treatments at famous cosmetic clinics that promise to greatly soften the appearance of stretch marks, but cost a fortune. But there are lots of homemade recipes to stop the stretch marks and in most cases they have great results.

We’ll point out to you a special hint of homemade cream so you can eliminate these imperfections, they can somehow be treated properly with slug cream.

You will only need one aloe leaf and two tablespoons of olive oil!

Method of preparation:

Thoroughly clean the algae leaf and remove its pulp (gel). In a bowl, mix the pulp with the olive oil until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. After that apply in regions where you have stretch marks and do this for at least twice a day, until you get very satisfactory results. If you want enough conservation, leave it in the refrigerator, so it will last much longer than desired.

It is worth mentioning that this recipe is especially effective because in addition to the benefits of slug aloe. It still has the benefits of olive oil, which is rich in oleic acid.

Tips for the treatment of stretch marks to work in the most efficient way.

If you hydrate enough, practice physical activities and always use moisturizing creams and sunscreen. There is no miracle formula that makes stretch marks disappear overnight. In fact it is not possible to eliminate the scars completely. But with dedication and good health practices one can stay with beautiful skin and reduce stains significantly.


Did you know that the order of beauty products interferes – a lot! – In the makeup finish?

Soap, micellar water, moisturizing cream and sunscreen are essential to leave the skin clean and ready for the base or the BB Cream, and need to be applied properly so that they do not lose their effect. As a general rule, lighter products should be applied first and heavier ones last, since if we apply the heavy ones first, the light ones, which are generally water based, can not “cross” the heavy ones and penetrate the skin.

So it’s always good to know what we should put first right?

Soap or micellar water to clean.

If you have dirty, oily skin full of impurities nothing you spend on it will do


The function of the tonic is to regulate the pH of the skin, which can undergo changes due to external aggressions and even the soap. Some types still control the oiliness and brightness of the face.

Cream for the eye area.

The eye area is very sensitive and the creams applied here are usually quite light, so this is the first of the creams to be applied

Solar filter.

Do not apply the sunscreen. It is that makeup and moisturizers have very low SPF and worst: they are not phototable and most of the time do not effectively protect from the “invisible” light, such as the PC screen, which also causes a lot of damage to the skin.


No one deserves to spend a long time doing the make and in a few hours she already cracks. Because it contains fluid texture and high concentration of active ingredients, serum is usually the most indicated by dermatologists. The primer is a pre-make-up product. It should be passed before the base, the powder and the corrective.

Anti-aging cream.

Anti age creams should be applied after the moisturizer, and always in the order of the lightest pro heavier.

Once you have treated and protected your skin, it is time to know the next steps of the makeup.

Since the primer has been applied, let’s start by putting the shadow already, avoiding having blots with the skin ready. After the shadow comes the eyeliner. The eyelash mask, base, eyebrow fill, concealer, contour, compact powder, blush, illuminator, lipstick, and lastly the icing on the cake, the lipstick!