How to care for your skin while you sleep

Do you think you take care of your skin how much you like?

If the answer is no, please know that you can reverse this picture. This is because there are care that can be taken while sleeping to delay the aging of the skin cells. You do not have to have a fairy godmother to get a new look from night to day. In fact, this is much easier than it sounds: just book a few minutes before bed to take care of yourself and voila! In a short time, it is possible to observe the results.

Right position

Did you know that sleeping in the right position makes all the difference on the face? It may sound silly but if you like sleeping with your face in the pillow it’s time to change position! The ideal position to prevent wrinkles on the face and swollen dark circles is sleeping on your side.

Use night-time creams

The so-called products have in common are active principles in higher concentration, in addition to agents that are often photosensitizing, ie can not be exposed to the sun at the time of use.

Dry weather

In dry climate regions, the air humidifier can be an ally of health, especially during sleep; when you can not wash your face, for example. The device takes care of the skin, breathing and relieves the nasal passages.

Avoid sleeping as soon as you eat.

The food needs to be correct before bed. Take two hours after the last meal of the day before bedtime and hold the line with sugar because the ingestion of too many carbohydrates or sugars releases insulin, and it interferes with hormones that cause inflammation.


Main care with the skin before bed is cleaning. The soap, however good, is not enough. To remove all of the scrubs from your makeup, use a good make-up remover or a facial tonic. So folks, as you can tell, the pimples are attached directly to your food. Either way, it’s worth keeping an eye out and preventing them from showing up, anywhere.

Allergy to costume jewelry: how to identify and treat

Costumes are props that complement the look and can be true jokers.
However, if on the one hand these pieces contribute to make people more elegant. In some cases, jewelry can also cause an allergic reaction, causing health and aesthetic risks. Many of these accessories, among others, have nickel in their composition, being this the villain of history, because it is one of the substances that causes allergy. This allergic condition may appear early, if it is a genetic problem, or arise over time. Those who have this problem, however, should not insist on using accessories that give reactions, as warned the dermatologist Márcia Purceli, because in addition to itching, they may even create inflammatory processes.

How is the treatment done?
The main measure, which should be immediate, is to suspend skin contact with pieces containing nickel. It is also necessary to hydrate the region a lot. In the crisis phases, corticosteroid creams can be used to soothe the skin or repair the skin barrier. In addition, thermal water and cold water packs are important to relieve symptoms. It is recommended:

Wash the area with copious cold water

Pass a cream with antihistamine or corticoid at the site of allergy until symptoms improve;
Take an antihistamine, such as cetirizine, as long as prescribed by the doctor to control the symptoms faster.

Any material can cause allergy, it greatly depends on person to person. But some substances have a higher degree of skin rejection, such as nickel, zinc, chromium and copper. However, others, such as gold and silver, are less likely to react.
When a person wears a ring, bracelet, necklace or piercing at the site of skin contact may arise:
Acute phase: redness, edema, vesicles (small blisters) and itching
Sub-acute phase: exudative lesions, due to rupture of vesicles with formation of crusts. The eczema appears

The initial symptoms develop between six and twenty-four hours after wearing the costume jewelry. Once the allergic reaction occurs, it can last for a few days or even weeks. Allergies of this type appear in both men and women, although the latter suffer more by using different jewelry continuously.

Facial Filling: When to Use Each Type of Substance?

Facial fill is one of the most modern treatments to soften the loss of elasticity and hydration of the skin, which happens as we age, bringing the effects of reshaping the shape of the face and lips.

Its effects, however, are not permanent. Therefore, the plastic surgeon must be very careful and choose the most appropriate treatment. It is also necessary to offer the patient the real expectations of results. All this can be achieved if you have a medical indication for facial filling with hyaluronic acid, the best material for the procedure because it is malleable and biocompatible, that is, a molecule made in the laboratory, but with a substance that the body does not recognize as strange, because is present in our skin.

What is the difference between hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin?

“The botulinum toxin serves to treat the muscles, so it relaxes the muscle of movement, the face – the forehead, the center of the eyebrows, the eye region, etc. – has a lot of movement. to be installed in that location

How long does it last?

Application of botox lasts between four and six months in people who do not do a lot of physical activity. Already among more frequent practitioners, the durability is less because bodybuilding, as the name itself says, stimulates muscle strength and spends more the substance of botox.
Indications for face filling

Fine wrinkles on the face

Facial grooves: nasogenian groove (“Chinese mustache”)
Replenishment and enlargement of the face: caused by aging or other diseases like HIV Lipodystrophy, leading to “wilted cheek”
Perioral wrinkles: they are the “wrinkles in bar code”, wrinkles in the mouth, wrinkles on the lips.
Grooves of the corner of the mouth and infralabiais.
Correction of scars

Lip: used to increase the volume of the lips.
Malar: it is the correction and remodeling of the apple of the face, which can be done with either hyaluronic acid, radiesse or bioplasty.
Dark circles and “deep eyes”.

To prolong

Adopt good habits: in addition to the skin routine, it is necessary to adopt a diet and give up bad habits. Sugar, for example, can cause glycation, which is when excess glucose in the blood binds to proteins such as collagen. When this binding happens, the protein loses its function and, as a result, there is the appearance of wrinkles.

Important note: Pmma, methacrylate and other permanent substances are contraindicated by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. Except in restricted use for AIDS patients the use of methacrylate may be used. A large number of other synthetic fillers are available in various parts of the world. It is difficult to comment on the efficacy and safety of these products. Since results of clinical trials have not been reported in the literature.

Tummy Tuck: Before and After, Risks and How Much Does It Cost

Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery performed to remove excess localized fat and restore the firmness of the abdominal muscles, resulting in a smoother and toned belly.

This procedure also removes the stretch marks located in the region. The person must go to the hospital accompanied, and if there is any drug intolerance, you must inform the doctor beforehand of the procedure. It is recommended to stay in the hospital for 2 to 3 days, and the anesthesia may be general or epidural.

How is done

Anywhere, it requires that it be done responsibly and safely, so you should not take into consideration just the price of abdominoplasty to accomplish that dream. In any surgery, including abdominoplasty, the value should not be seen as primary, but it is important to analyze and plan calmly to avoid unnecessary risks. The length of abdominoplasty surgery varies depending on the amount of tissue being removed. In the vast majority of cases, the procedure lasts for 2 to 4 hours. The procedure can be performed under general or epidural anesthesia with sedation. The epidural allows a smoother recovery and helps prevent thrombosis, however, this will depend on the expert’s experience.

Some risks

The classical technique of abdominoplasty presents, nonetheless, a somewhat high complication rate. Particularly seroma (occurs in 20 to 25% of cases). This term refers to the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal wall thickness. This is usually a situation that does not require re-hospitalization or surgery. That is, it can be resolved in the office.

Who should not do Tummy Tuck?

If you are a woman who intends to become pregnant. Then you may want to delay a tummy tuck until you have completely terminated your pregnancy. During surgery, your vertical muscles are tightened. And future pregnancies can separate the muscles.

How much

The price of abdominoplasty ranges from 5 to 10,000 reais. Depending on where it is made and the need to perform other surgical procedures, such as liposuction. In the same surgical procedure.


Do you have a few extra pounds?

Follow these infallivest tips

Losing weight is not easy! Our pace of life, lack of time or motivation and the many temptations are obstacles to achieving the goal. Forget the “miracle recipes” and adopt healthy lifestyles that you will maintain in the long run.

1.Set a goal and timeline
These should be realistic and not harmful to your health. For example, try to lose a maximum of one pound per week. By losing weight fast, your body will eliminate water and muscle mass and not fat. You will also avoid weakening or dehydrating yourself.The ideal is to weigh yourself once a week, always at the same time.

2.Move further
Thirty minutes of physical activity per day will at least help you reach your goal. You can split these minutes into multiple sessions. The type of exercise does not matter, but take advantage of every movement that burns calories. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk or bike to work, play with your children!

3.Balanced Meal
Your body needs all the nutrients, a balanced diet whenever possible, including protein, fruit or vegetable and starchy foods throughout your meals. These foods leave your menu colored, giving satiety and replenishing all the necessary vitamins.

4.Reduce your portions
Eat smaller portions, but more often, three small meals and one or two snacks a day. This will allow you to better control your hunger.

5.Eat Slower
You will allow the signs of satiety to warn you before you overeat, do not eat watching television, being on the cell phone, nothing that distracts you, taste the food.

6.Drink plenty of water
Water is the most important nutrient – especially when it comes to weight loss. Water can reduce appetite and, as it does not contain calories, can help reduce calorie intake. Drinking 500 ml of water before each meal is a great tip. Often, when people think they are hungry, they are simply dehydrated. There are many other benefits of water, since helping to accelerate weight loss even healthier and younger skin, it also helps to eliminate bacteria and toxins that are trapped within the system.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This will give you enough energy to attack your day on the right foot. Eat lighter foods at night.

8.Reduce your alcohol consumption
Beer and other alcoholic beverages contain many calories.

9.Learn to detect harmful foods
Some foods do not forgive in terms of sugar, fat or calories. This is the case, for example, of cold meats, sweets, soft drinks, etc. Choose fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snacks when you have a craving.

10.Surround yourself
Your friends and family are your best allies. Practice sports or cook with them and ask them to support you in your weight loss approach. Trust them in the hardest times.

Do you have too much weight to lose?
We recommend that you consult a health professional, such as a nutritionist or a physician, so that you are regularly followed and that a plan of action is implemented according to your specific needs.
Certain products, foods, or lifestyle changes may not be right for you. Always consult your doctor or health care professional to evaluate what is best for you.