Lipstick is a beauty item that should not come out of the woman’s necessaire, as it is able to transform an entire makeup.

Every year new lipsticks are released ranging from the vibrant colors and shades to brighten up your makeup. Clothes, accessories and shoes, makeup styles also change with the arrival of summer. The warmer and sunny days demand color, lighter fabrics and much comfort. In makeup, lightweight productions will gain space and of course not to go unnoticed, it is always good to know what are the styles trends and lipstick colors for the summer.

So check out the trends for this summer of 2018!

Coral lipstick.

The color combines with all skin tones and highly values ​​the makeup. The lighter shades, neon and more reddish background comes with everything.

Pink lipstick color.

The color is perfect for any occasion and in the summer is usually one of the darlings of the nécessaire. It can also be used to go out on summer evenings with a tan look.

Purple Desire

The darker ones impress and leave the modern look. In summer, the open tones usually make success in the lips of the Brazilians. A good option to use at happy hour.

Burnt red.

leaves the make of the evening elegant and makes room for you to captivate in an enlightened look that summer asks for, like a golden shadow, bronze or silver, for example. Not to mention that the red lipstick with burnt bottom is perfect especially for a vintage style, back in the 90s.

Brilliant mouth.

Remove the gloss from the drawer and abuse the wet mouth. Who wants to take advantage of matte lipstick stock is to just bet on the transparent lip gloss and apply it over the lipstick.

Batom Nude

If you are not a fan of vibrant colors, the light tones are beautiful and a great option to use on the hottest days, the tip is to get a tone that is close to your skin tone. If possible try before you buy this lipstick.

 S.O.S Hair: Tips to Recover the Yarn from Summer Damage.

As much as we take care to mitigate the damage, the threads end up suffering in the heat.

As wonderful as it is to enjoy a sea bath or a swimming pool on a beautiful sunny day, the wires suffer the consequences. But nothing that a good treatment does not solve! Highly judged and broken tips may need cutting, but with a few tips today, you will not need to do that. The most common complaints received by hairdressers at this time of year are hair dryness, color fading and hair fiber fragility.

Break for the rest.

Before performing any treatment on the wires, give them a rest. This includes avoiding any kind of chemical aggression that could cause more damage to your structure. Some hairs need a rest for 3 to 6 months before being exposed again. And nothing to wear a flat iron because your hair is already damaged, use a flat iron and dryer will not improve the situation, quite the contrary, it will only aggravate the health of your wires.

Hair color: “Choose toners rich in essential oils.”

Painted hair should pay more attention to wig care not only in summer. The treatment to recover the hair post-summer begins in the choice of the product that will be used to give color to the wires.

Daily Care.

Drying the wires, caused by the harmful effects of summer, increases the amount of double ends. To minimize the appearance of poorly treated hair, keep hair well cut, nor need to cut as much.

Dehydrated wires.

The tip is to invest in a mask instead of the conditioner, every three days. As it will ensure loose and soft threads, or if you want a more turbid result, just after applying the mask, wait for it to act for the recommended time .

Do not let your hair schedule aside after summer.

Now that summer is over, it’s time to get them back. The capillary schedule involves three treatments: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction. You should assemble your schedule according to the actual need and type of wire. It’s good to get organized.

Blush of ~ beach girl ~: Benefit

The blush is on the list of products that can bring even more benefits to your look.

The cosmetic can help you tune your face, disguise your nose and leave the look much younger and healthier. To get all the magic brush tricks just hit the time of the application. “The blush can go far beyond ensuring color to the cheeks, it leaves your face thin, potato nose and it’s always good to know the right color for you.

And one of the blush that I’ve come to show for your landlord, is Galifornia.

All Benefit blushes comes with a square brush and I do not know if I only realize it, but the color gets much more intense when applied with it.

When applying with any blush brush, it feels that the color does not get so strong, so it is recommended to only use with the brushes that comes along. On his packaging, the brand says “The vintage design of the box was inspired by the Californian surfing girls of the 70’s and the surface of the powder has a sun in high relief.”

One of the novelties of Benefit in Brazil is Galifornia. A pink blush with a golden touch and a unique smell of pink grapefruit and vanilla. The packaging follows the pattern of the brand and is made of cardboard. With a cute design and a mini brush attached, it has a pink peach tone with slight glitter. This first layer of brightness in the sun does not last long. It has a delicious peach fragrance, but it is not very strong.

The blush is not crumbly and the color is well displayed, it is visible on the skin with few applications. The pink is very light and gives a discreet touch to the skin. The texture is hyper comfortable and fine. Do not crush anything and sticks super good! As the tone of the blush is light it is you who defines the intensity. It is the type of blush that even if you “miss the hand” does not get that “blur”

Quite smooth and really gives the face only a discrete golden with a radiant light.

Primer girlie: Paul & Joe.

Are you a cat crazy person? I think you may have heard about the Paul & Joe Beauté brand.

The French brand has become feverish in recent years by creating makes inspired by kittens. The company has fallen so much in the public’s taste that the brand has become ultra popular in the Japanese market, has become a collector’s item among kitten lovers, in addition to creating beautiful clothes, its stylist, Sophie Albou, maintains a complete line of makeup with items quite the two cute ones. Following in the footsteps of her parents, Sophie Mechaly, a young French woman who has always been interested in fashion, launches in 1995 the Paul & Joe brand in honor of her children Paul and Joe. The passionate and vibrant identity of the brand reflects the charisma and fun personality of the designer, who has always tried to escape the conventional. And yes, Paul & Joe is a family brand.

Now let’s talk about your Primer that is limited edition.

Made with orange blossom water and a blend of white lily extract, jojoba oil and apricot. Can be used in any skin tone.

Sweet Bon-Bon’s first facial, by Paul & Joe, is one of those items that also work superbly as a decoration item. “Guilt” of pearls in shades of pink. It has earned it its place in the world of fashion for its elegance and cosmopolitan style. The Serum is super practical, two puffs are enough for the whole face. I apply with the fingers until spreading everything very well. The base is gel and nothing greasy, after a few minutes the skin becomes dry and gives even the impression of being more stretched. I believe that those who have dry skin should caprichar more in the moisturizer, while those who have oily skin should love the dry result that it leaves on the face.

And where should I buy?

Well, there is a website where you can buy all Paul & Joe brand products.

It cost however 20 pounds, but there on the site they turn the money from where you are from.

Tanning Barra: Bourjois

Bourjois, one of the oldest active cosmetic brands in France and one of the most prestigious in the segment.

Markets its complete line of products in more than 60 countries around the world through approximately 23,000 points of sale. Among items that are part of its product line are also accessories such as nail files, brushes of all kinds and even mirrors. Bourjois is always innovating, but never lost its characteristic: the retro and vintage air. In 2009 she salvaged a bit of that by launching a limited edition called Vintage Collection, with five shades and three blushes, in the traditional round and timeless, incredible boxes. This brand was also responsible for years for the production of the makeup line of Chanel, former owner of the brand. Currently Bourjois products are produced in the same factory as Chanel products, with the same technology applied in both brands.

It contains several striking products, and what I will talk about is the Bronzant Bar.

Starting with the packaging that is cartoned, firm and very full of presence. This tanner exists in two versions, the 51 color that works the most for light skin and the 52 that is the version that works for darker skins, unfortunately there is no version for black skins. What does the brand say?

“Blush Délice de Poudre Peaux Mates is one of Bourjois best-known makes! With tempting packaging imitating chocolate, this bronzing blush has a fine, ultra-soft texture that delivers a natural, uniform and healthy result. “It has a practical package with an integrated mirror and sponge. Spread the product on the face with the applicator sponge.

They are very dry and do not crumble at all. The pigmentation is good, but because it is a well pressed product. In order to get the color you have to brush the brush with will. The face really hard enough! Many are loving it because they find it easier to work with it, even weighing the hand they stay on the point, without exaggeration, I find it easy to make the skin without this worry at the time of applying.