Vult Shadow Quintet: Diva

Vult is one of the Brazilian national brands that I like best for the ease of being found.

For having friend prices, but mainly for always bringing an incredible range of products with an incredible quality. The vult palettes are well pigmented and come with basic colors and even some bolder colors for that night make that we love. And nothing better than a review of the palettes so that we know better and see if it is worth the investment. This was one of my first palettes of the brand and that is a great success, for bringing basic colors with scintillating and opaque finish. All colors are well pigmented according to the intensity of the tone.

What the brand has to describe:

“With ultra-fine texture and micronized particles, the product promotes high adhesion and vibrant colors, providing flawless finish to the make-up. From the classics to the bolder ones, the quintets allow a multitude of combinations. ”

This vult shade palette with 5 colors is ideal even to carry in the bag. Because in my opinion it does not occupy space, is thin, and leaves you ready to raze in the makeup. And it is worth remembering that, fashion is now neutral makes, that eye more natural and elegant. The only thing I see is the fact that some shadows crumple a little as the brush passes. However, for the price, even crumbling I am still happy, because when talking about pigmentation, they get a lot of bonuses, the colors reveal well in the eyes, they last and have a soft texture. We have in colors: Black, brown, guava (a light pink), a pearly and at last a very light nude.

The main negative point is the fragility of the packaging. However beautiful it is weaker than the Touch of Nature, for example (but the colors are better). They are very pigmented, but they crumble a bit. So you have to be careful not to get your skin dirty while doing the make! Always try to use primer to last longer.

Bat with flower inside, Kailijumei

Déjà vu at the beauty shop.

There came the modern version of gloss with a transparent roller, fever in the 80s and 90s; Who had a model of Lip Smaker, Maybelline or Avon? In this world of makeup when you think you have seen everything has a brand that can innovate and profit even more. Secure this mega novelty! The one responsible for the lipsticks that come with flower inside it (bullet), is the Kailijumei (Chinese brand). This collection brings transparent lipsticks. And inside each bullet (stick) comes a beautiful miniature rose, it’s like a crystal protecting it. Although transparent, they add a slight color to the lips that changes according to body temperature. It looks like it’s a super hydrated lip balm that adds a light color. It has ingredients such as cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil and grape seed oil.

We felt a vibe Beauty and the Beast in that lipstick, saw! Oh, did you know that now you can buy an enchanted rose like the one in the story? I really have a pain in the conscience to use and it’s a pity that the flower is disappearing. But I end up not resisting and I have used over other lipsticks to give a little extra.

The lipstick was so successful in its launch that have made versions fake it the internet sale, what to expect from China are not my people …

So be careful when you buy, check if it is the original Kailijumei, they deliver in Brazil. Each lipstick goes from U $ 15,00 to U $ 30,00 which gives approximately from R $ 51,00 to R $ 102,00. Remember that this lipstick has as its main function the hydration of the lips (ideal for day to day, and also to pass before bed, without having the risk of waking all stained). The brightness goes away as the hours pass, but the color on the lips remains.

Pink Lancôme illuminator Absolutely Rose

The illuminator, as its name suggests, is responsible for creating spots of lights on the face giving that natural glow to the skin.

It is the great responsibility of giving that beautiful look to the skin of the celebrities in which we have been so inspired. The illuminator may not be immediately identified in a makeup. But its presence makes all the difference in the final result. The item is used to finish the makeup and highlight areas of the face, leaving a natural and sophisticated finish.

The illuminator before was an extra step at the time of doing the makeup and ended up winning the heart of the crazy for beauty. He took a captive place in the nécessaires and became essential in the routine of many people. Among the options of powder or liquid illuminator, it depends on each person. “For greasy skins, powdered illuminators are more dull and avoid excessive glare. We use it when we want to highlight a certain area of ​​the face. We are going to present a super innovative illuminator, really captivating, something constantly unique. If you are someone who prefers a natural makeup , this bookmark is right for you.

What say, then, when we saw this illuminator that comes with a rose inside?

It was inspired by the Parisian spring that has this very romantic air. The product is part of the Absolutely Rose, spring 2017 collection of Lancome. A French company that has the flower as its trademark. It is an artificial rose that is inside a case that I think was inspired by a jewelry shop from the 50’s. The rose and bathed with the illuminator and when the brush is passed through the petals, the product comes out.

To use it on any part of your face you want to highlight, such as your cheeks and nose.
The price of this beautiful rose and $ 60 for those who receive in dollars or euros of good, now for us Brazilians is very expensive. If you come to Brazil it is around 300 reais. If you have a person who lives where the coin is euros or dollars. Ask her to pick it up for you, haha ​​gift piece.

Strawberry and powdered milk exfoliate oily skins.

They are an easy and inexpensive way of keeping up with the day-to-day beauty treatments at home.

Made with products that can be found in kitchen cabinets or even in the bathroom cabinet, they involve simple combinations and quick applications. A bridge between these two intentions is inside the refrigerator or the pantry of the house, the supermarket shelves and the basic commodities part of the pharmacies. Two example that long had homemade recipes, Japan made rice-based ointments to achieve a smooth white skin. For their part, in Greece they prepared starch powder to give a slight smooth appearance to the face.

Our skin normally every two months tries to expel its most superficial stratum, but the air pollution and also the age can have a retarding effect on this mechanism, allowing the said dead cells.

The strawberry savior for people who have oily skin.

Oily skin has a shiny appearance and sebaceous secretions. Excess production of sebum contributes to the appearance of blackheads and pimples. In this case of sebum production beyond normal the skin gets dilated pores and more greasy. Buy strawberry flavored creams if you can use the true ingredient? You can make a homemade scrub kneading between 10 and 12 strawberries, until forming a paste.

The ingredients for a strawberry scrub.

One or 1/2 tablespoon of milk powder

Five ripe strawberries

Knead the strawberries well and add the milk powder, mixing everything very well.

Rub gently on clean, moist skin by making circular motion, then rinse with warm water.

With this exfoliant, the new cells regenerates, hydrates and gives a healthy glow to the skin. Just be careful you do not end up eating your exfoliant, because let’s face it, strawberry with milk powder is a delight (well this if you like strawberry).

The Strawberry has diuretic properties, is rich in Vitamin C, which helps in healing of wounds and strengthens the wall of blood vessels improving circulation and strawberry is rich in salicylic acid.

Create your own dry shampoo!

First, what is dry shampoo?

Type of shampoo in the form of spray, which due to the presence of certain chemicals can absorb the grease from the root of the wires leaving them looking clean and loose, without having to go through water. Those who have oily hair know the difficulty of keeping hair clean and opaque. Therefore, a lot of time is spent between the ritual of washing the hair, drying and etc … It is a dry cleaning even, very provisional on a day when you need to be with beautiful hair but do not have time to wash. When the hair is oily and there is some last minute commitment, the product is very good. It also helps a lot of people who go to the gym and women who avoid washing their hair every day.

Now how about we create our own homemade shampoo? First, let’s go to the ingredients:

Two tablespoons of wheat flour.

2 tablespoons of chickpea flour (you can substitute for rice or cornmeal).

Two tablespoons of corn starch or potato.

Six or ten drops of lavender essential oil.

Going to the homemade dry shampoo preparation mode:

Simply take a bowl and put all the ingredients in powder.

As soon as you finish mixing them, immediately place the essential oil and stir again.

When all the ingredients are fully mixed. Take the shampoo and transfer it to a container with a lid or it is more favorable. To put them in a jar of salt or pepper because they already have those holes in the lid. Which would make it much easier for you time to use.

And the way of using it is simple! You put the powder more concentrated in the roots, where the oil is concentrated more of the hair and then just massaging the scalp, leave to act for a few minutes. And remove the dust with the dryer or anything you can take out.

Tip: People suffering from some type of allergy may have a reaction to the product, in which case the use should be discontinued immediately. To prevent any damage to the scalp, take the allergy test before using dry shampoo.