Mermaid Shine: Love Luxe Beauty

The Love Luxe Beauty is all crafted in the mermaid trend and has developed the Sunkissed Mermaid Illuminator / Shadow.

It is an explosion of color and brilliance, reminiscent of the beauties of a sunset at sea. The mermaids and the unicorns are charming, certainly yes. It’s a lot of love, they’ve inspired clothes, accessories, bikinis and decorations. Now they are invading the area of ​​beauty with enough confidence. As you can see all the American make-up brand products, Love Luxe Beauty are inspired by this enchanted world. Go find various products inspired by these mythological figures that I love so much. And look, it’s every flawless package you can even use.

In addition to the mermaid’s brilliance, the color What Mermaids Are Made Of (left) has even the texture of its tails. Oun! And What Unicorns Are Made Of (right) is not far behind: it’s very colorful. Yes, they are colorful! On the right, the version of the product that honors the mermaids – note that it even has the texture of scales from the tail of the sea muse! And the unicorn illuminator unites our favorite candy colors into one product. It’s really amazing this brand,
Well, what would a mermaid be?
Mermaid or Mermaid is a figure of mythology, present in legends that served to personify aspects of the sea or the dangers that it represents

And unicorn?

Unicorn, also known as licorne or licorne, is a mythological animal that takes the form of a horse, usually white, with a single spiral horn.
Love Luxe Beauty e-commerce delivers in Brazil, and prices range from $ 9 and $ 27. I’m already here holding back so I can not buy everything, because, finally, with this financial crisis that my country is, (Brazil), I’m really trying to save as much as possible. And in recommending to buy at BeautyBay, who does not like such a pure makeup? Although it is a bit expensive, it is worth it, because besides being beautiful, it has a good quality.