Make your own capillary oil with these simple steps

There are more and more brands that make them available.

And even though it is so, since this type of product is, as a rule, much more nutritious than all others on the market and, if used well, can do all the difference in hair health. Wrapping the wires in oil serves to restore the hydration and vitality of dry, dry and damaged hair by chemical processes. It should only be made with pure vegetable oil, and not with mineral oil. In Curly, dry or dry hair, for example, they can receive the product daily. In oily threads, it is recommended to use oil one or at most twice a week. The important thing is not to use too much. Two or three drops is enough, if using too much ends up leaving your hair heavy and oily.

Do you know the difference between an oil made at home and those bought in pharmacies ready?

The difference is that most of the capillary oils that people buy ready have. In their composition ingredients like paraffin or other mineral oils, for example. Which are ingredients that give the impression of hydration in the threads, but without actually moisturizing.

But how about making your own hair oil? Accompany us.

What I simply did was put together several essential oils for good nutrition, a blend of coconut oil, almond oil, macadamia oil and jojoba oil. And I also put a vitamin E. Very easy and simple !.

Practically you put two tablespoons of almonds, two of macadamia and two of jojoba and half a liter of coconut oil.

Put everything in a container that you think is best and done!

I put these 4 types of oils because they are all quite essential for hair, so nothing better than picking them up and mixing, right?

Coconut oil moisturizes and repairs double ends.

Almond oil gives shine and recovers wires.

Macadamia oil moisturizes and nourishes.

Jojoba oil moisturizes and regulates oiliness.