Everything you need to know about color correction

Which one is right for you?

It is no secret that we could not survive without a concealer – the cosmetic weapon that covers a multitude of sins. From an early morning to spots and beyond. And while we have always praised the benefits of our beloved corrective, we thought it was time to delve into one of the most astounding talents of correctives: color correction.

Yes, some correctives have the power to correct colors like purple on eye bags and flare ups of bright red acne. If color correction correctors are slightly out of your comfort zone, do not worry – we’ve put these together to detail everything you need to know….


Color Concealers are designed to hide skin imperfections such as redness and general discoloration. They are particularly good for anyone with dark circles, scars, dark spots and hyperpigmentation ..
Most minor skin discoloration problems can be controlled by your base and concealer, but if you are pursuing perfection, a corrective correction of color under your base will do the trick! They are specially formulated to deal with these complicated areas.
Choosing a corrective corrective of the right color for you boils down to two things: color and consistency. If you have an extreme case of discoloration, you will need a heavier product with a stronger tone. To standardize mild to moderate discoloration, you’ll want a more pure formula in a softer shade.
When confused about which color to get, see the color wheel: complementary colors, or opposites on the color wheel, cancel each other out.
Green corrects extreme rednesses, such as birthmarks, rashes, skin sensitivities, etc. Use complete formulas for moderate redness. Green is great for angry red acne brands. Just be careful not to deposit too much product on site. You do not want this to appear hardened or you’ll just call attention to it.
Yellow corrects red and soft pink tones. Unless you have extreme redness, use yellow on green to correct problems such as broken capillaries or mild sensitivities. Yellow is great for redness around the nose and mouth.
Rosa corrects yellow and soft green tones, overly illuminating the pale and olive skin. Very light shades of pink are also great to highlight!
Want to know which color corrects dark spots? Orange and peach blue tones correct under dark circles, dark spots caused by aging or sun damage. Orange is great for covering up a blue bruise, while lighter shades of orange, such as peach, are best to cover a smoother blues case. Lighter skin tones can use peach to cover hyperpigmentation, while deep skin tones benefit from orange and red tones.
Violet and blue neutralize shades of yellow and orange, corrects dark spots and hyperpigmentation and excessively orange skin (think of self-tanning). If you have any yellow dots to hide, choose a purple hue. If you are unsure about yellow tones across your face, mix a little lilac corrective with primer and apply under its base.


It’s been a while since the makeup became an accessory for the woman.

But from time to time everything became more democratic and the variety of products and colors allowed each one to create its own style. As the summer is coming to an end, it’s time to update the makeover nécessaire to get into the fall fashion! When it comes to lipstick, for example, anyone who wants to follow the trend of the season should change the most colorful and vibrant tones to the sober ones. The brown and purple are the most used in this season and gain reinforcement of the glamorous metallic finish and other more exotic shades.

The tip for those who do not know what color looks good on you is to pay attention to their skin tone, it is warmer, more for orange, yellow (those that brown in the summer and get a more golden tone) or your tone is more rosy, colder, of those that turn red even with protector? For the first option, more orange and hot colors look better (oranges, reds orange, hotter purple, hot brown) and for the second, cool colors (purple, grayer brown, cooler red).

Wine is sophistication.

The wine lipstick is another classic that matches any occasion. However, the tone especially favors the more glamorous makes.

Brown bonbon.

Although super modern, because it is dark, this tone gives the illusion of reducing the volume of the lips a little. Therefore, for those who have thin lips, it is worth betting on contour techniques and a lighter shade of brown. Another option that promises to be featured in the season is the medium tone, reminiscent of the color of a dulce de leche

Batons nude

Just like red, nude lipstick remains super in evidence during the fall / winter. Bet on sub-shades of greyish, brownish, pink and pulled to the tone peach and caramel

Lipstick Matte Metallic Color Wine.

Besides matte, it’s metal! This is the promise of this lipstick, which in addition to the dry effect exhibits certain shine.


Always, it is not. Red does not go out of style, more rosy tones are super in and also the darker ones.


You want to make a beautiful and neat make, you have to know how to apply the base on the face!

Many are the women who face this challenge and do not understand how to apply the basis to the equal professional face. Thankfully, there are several tricks that help us at that time. In the application of the base, for example, as well as to disguise small imperfections at the time of our makeup. And whether it’s with the sponge, the brush or the fingers, what really makes a difference is the way you apply. Indispensable for a perfect makeup, the base is the key to leave the face flawless and free of imperfections. Without it, the look is not complete and the products do not adhere so well to the skin, so it is fundamental to master the application.

Here are some key questions about applying the base to Beyoncé’s make-up artist.

According to Sir John the ideal is to apply the base with a damp sponge just after the use of the moisturizer, when the product is still “wet.” Letting the base dry along with the moisturizer provides a more natural make-up finish, in addition to avoiding skin dryness throughout the day and of course, putting only on points that really need foundation. A step by step to explain you better about this.

Place the sponge under running water until it “swells”

Squeeze excess water. Ideally, the sponge should not be soggy, but rather damp.

Apply base to face with fingers.

Now spread the product by tapping the sponge all over the face, starting at the center of the face. And after all, do not forget the neck.

In addition for a real professional finish, press the sponge lightly on the skin, so that the base will melt with the moisturizer or primer that are still moist.

And right, now surely we can have the chance to have a makeup without too much base excess like her!


If you are not a fan of the sticky effect on your lashes and this ends up happening in almost all your productions, it is time to investigate what is being done wrong in this makeup.

The well-cared eyelashes open and enhance the look, leaving the production even more beautiful and complete. In order for the eyelashes to always be clean, it is necessary to take some care and know how to apply the eyelash mask correctly. Your eyelashes go flat, look dull or even full of black gypsum after application of mascara, the problem must be in the way you apply the product. So be very careful.

Here are five tips to keep your eyelashes from sticking together.

Before applying the mask make sure the wires are clean, this residue may end up creating a heavier appearance in the area. To prevent this from happening, always begin the process of makeup with a special makeup remover for the eye region.

Do not forget to pick up the hairs from the root, this ensures that they are well stretched.

Instead of just brushing the brush from the bottom up, make the zigzag movement from the root of the eyelashes to the tips. This will cause the eyelashes not to bulge. If some lashes stick together, the tip is to use that eyelash comb, which will help separate them.

Not too much or too little: use the eyelash mask in a balanced way, another common slip and that can detract from the beauty of your makeup is to use the shaping mask in small or exaggerated amount.

Learn about the ideal mask applicator. Finally, one of the most common mistakes that may be hindering the final result of your make on the lashes is the type of applicator used with the mask. In general, the experts’ tip is to avoid brushes with long and full bristles. Since this type of brush retains much more of the product.

Enjoy these tips a lot, and tell me if it really worked for your landlady.

Blush of ~ beach girl ~: Benefit

The blush is on the list of products that can bring even more benefits to your look.

The cosmetic can help you tune your face, disguise your nose and leave the look much younger and healthier. To get all the magic brush tricks just hit the time of the application. “The blush can go far beyond ensuring color to the cheeks, it leaves your face thin, potato nose and it’s always good to know the right color for you.

And one of the blush that I’ve come to show for your landlord, is Galifornia.

All Benefit blushes comes with a square brush and I do not know if I only realize it, but the color gets much more intense when applied with it.

When applying with any blush brush, it feels that the color does not get so strong, so it is recommended to only use with the brushes that comes along. On his packaging, the brand says “The vintage design of the box was inspired by the Californian surfing girls of the 70’s and the surface of the powder has a sun in high relief.”

One of the novelties of Benefit in Brazil is Galifornia. A pink blush with a golden touch and a unique smell of pink grapefruit and vanilla. The packaging follows the pattern of the brand and is made of cardboard. With a cute design and a mini brush attached, it has a pink peach tone with slight glitter. This first layer of brightness in the sun does not last long. It has a delicious peach fragrance, but it is not very strong.

The blush is not crumbly and the color is well displayed, it is visible on the skin with few applications. The pink is very light and gives a discreet touch to the skin. The texture is hyper comfortable and fine. Do not crush anything and sticks super good! As the tone of the blush is light it is you who defines the intensity. It is the type of blush that even if you “miss the hand” does not get that “blur”

Quite smooth and really gives the face only a discrete golden with a radiant light.