Is lip balm really need to use?

The use of lip balm must be done by everyone.

Regardless of whether or not they use a protection factor lipstick, because even these do not have the same protective effect, because the very paint used in the composition of the lipsticks disrupts the protective action. Lip skin needs daily protection, it needs protection – including solar – and hydration. That’s why lip balms are so important. True that some lipsticks bring moisturizing ingredients and FPS, but the hydration of lip balms is more effective.

How to choose the Lil ‘balm?

There are hundreds of different products of all prices and tastes. And many are more “scrumptious” than potent, so it’s good to opt for versions that contain active ingredients that actually prevent dehydration and treat skin like; Ceramides, shea butter , dexpanthenol, beeswax, cocoa butter and hyaluronic acid. And do not get confused, cocoa butter they do not moisturize. They fatten your lips, those who really moisturize are the Lil ‘balm.

A few more tips.

If you do not want a simple Lil balm, there are some that are shaped like food and are super cute. Produtos of beauty and food, it is fact. It is impossible to say who occupies a larger space in our hearts! But when these two worlds come together, it’s really wonderful. And yes it is in the cupcake format and since you are knowing how Lil balm is needed for our day to day. Boat always practice a weekly exfoliating to your lips.

Exfoliating the lips once a week helps remove those “fine” skins and leaves the region softer and smoother. Calm, you do not have to buy another product. Because with sugar, honey and vegetable oil (it can even be olive) you can make a very moisturizing and very little aggressive lip exfoliant. The most famous is the honey with sugar. But of course after exfoliating, always use Lil ‘balm. Until the next article and be well.