Bat with flower inside, Kailijumei

Déjà vu at the beauty shop.

There came the modern version of gloss with a transparent roller, fever in the 80s and 90s; Who had a model of Lip Smaker, Maybelline or Avon? In this world of makeup when you think you have seen everything has a brand that can innovate and profit even more. Secure this mega novelty! The one responsible for the lipsticks that come with flower inside it (bullet), is the Kailijumei (Chinese brand). This collection brings transparent lipsticks. And inside each bullet (stick) comes a beautiful miniature rose, it’s like a crystal protecting it. Although transparent, they add a slight color to the lips that changes according to body temperature. It looks like it’s a super hydrated lip balm that adds a light color. It has ingredients such as cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil and grape seed oil.

We felt a vibe Beauty and the Beast in that lipstick, saw! Oh, did you know that now you can buy an enchanted rose like the one in the story? I really have a pain in the conscience to use and it’s a pity that the flower is disappearing. But I end up not resisting and I have used over other lipsticks to give a little extra.

The lipstick was so successful in its launch that have made versions fake it the internet sale, what to expect from China are not my people …

So be careful when you buy, check if it is the original Kailijumei, they deliver in Brazil. Each lipstick goes from U $ 15,00 to U $ 30,00 which gives approximately from R $ 51,00 to R $ 102,00. Remember that this lipstick has as its main function the hydration of the lips (ideal for day to day, and also to pass before bed, without having the risk of waking all stained). The brightness goes away as the hours pass, but the color on the lips remains.