If you are not a fan of the sticky effect on your lashes and this ends up happening in almost all your productions, it is time to investigate what is being done wrong in this makeup.

The well-cared eyelashes open and enhance the look, leaving the production even more beautiful and complete. In order for the eyelashes to always be clean, it is necessary to take some care and know how to apply the eyelash mask correctly. Your eyelashes go flat, look dull or even full of black gypsum after application of mascara, the problem must be in the way you apply the product. So be very careful.

Here are five tips to keep your eyelashes from sticking together.

Before applying the mask make sure the wires are clean, this residue may end up creating a heavier appearance in the area. To prevent this from happening, always begin the process of makeup with a special makeup remover for the eye region.

Do not forget to pick up the hairs from the root, this ensures that they are well stretched.

Instead of just brushing the brush from the bottom up, make the zigzag movement from the root of the eyelashes to the tips. This will cause the eyelashes not to bulge. If some lashes stick together, the tip is to use that eyelash comb, which will help separate them.

Not too much or too little: use the eyelash mask in a balanced way, another common slip and that can detract from the beauty of your makeup is to use the shaping mask in small or exaggerated amount.

Learn about the ideal mask applicator. Finally, one of the most common mistakes that may be hindering the final result of your make on the lashes is the type of applicator used with the mask. In general, the experts’ tip is to avoid brushes with long and full bristles. Since this type of brush retains much more of the product.

Enjoy these tips a lot, and tell me if it really worked for your landlady.

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