It’s been a while since the makeup became an accessory for the woman.

But from time to time everything became more democratic and the variety of products and colors allowed each one to create its own style. As the summer is coming to an end, it’s time to update the makeover nécessaire to get into the fall fashion! When it comes to lipstick, for example, anyone who wants to follow the trend of the season should change the most colorful and vibrant tones to the sober ones. The brown and purple are the most used in this season and gain reinforcement of the glamorous metallic finish and other more exotic shades.

The tip for those who do not know what color looks good on you is to pay attention to their skin tone, it is warmer, more for orange, yellow (those that brown in the summer and get a more golden tone) or your tone is more rosy, colder, of those that turn red even with protector? For the first option, more orange and hot colors look better (oranges, reds orange, hotter purple, hot brown) and for the second, cool colors (purple, grayer brown, cooler red).

Wine is sophistication.

The wine lipstick is another classic that matches any occasion. However, the tone especially favors the more glamorous makes.

Brown bonbon.

Although super modern, because it is dark, this tone gives the illusion of reducing the volume of the lips a little. Therefore, for those who have thin lips, it is worth betting on contour techniques and a lighter shade of brown. Another option that promises to be featured in the season is the medium tone, reminiscent of the color of a dulce de leche

Batons nude

Just like red, nude lipstick remains super in evidence during the fall / winter. Bet on sub-shades of greyish, brownish, pink and pulled to the tone peach and caramel

Lipstick Matte Metallic Color Wine.

Besides matte, it’s metal! This is the promise of this lipstick, which in addition to the dry effect exhibits certain shine.


Always, it is not. Red does not go out of style, more rosy tones are super in and also the darker ones.

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