Create your own dry shampoo!

First, what is dry shampoo?

Type of shampoo in the form of spray, which due to the presence of certain chemicals can absorb the grease from the root of the wires leaving them looking clean and loose, without having to go through water. Those who have oily hair know the difficulty of keeping hair clean and opaque. Therefore, a lot of time is spent between the ritual of washing the hair, drying and etc … It is a dry cleaning even, very provisional on a day when you need to be with beautiful hair but do not have time to wash. When the hair is oily and there is some last minute commitment, the product is very good. It also helps a lot of people who go to the gym and women who avoid washing their hair every day.

Now how about we create our own homemade shampoo? First, let’s go to the ingredients:

Two tablespoons of wheat flour.

2 tablespoons of chickpea flour (you can substitute for rice or cornmeal).

Two tablespoons of corn starch or potato.

Six or ten drops of lavender essential oil.

Going to the homemade dry shampoo preparation mode:

Simply take a bowl and put all the ingredients in powder.

As soon as you finish mixing them, immediately place the essential oil and stir again.

When all the ingredients are fully mixed. Take the shampoo and transfer it to a container with a lid or it is more favorable. To put them in a jar of salt or pepper because they already have those holes in the lid. Which would make it much easier for you time to use.

And the way of using it is simple! You put the powder more concentrated in the roots, where the oil is concentrated more of the hair and then just massaging the scalp, leave to act for a few minutes. And remove the dust with the dryer or anything you can take out.

Tip: People suffering from some type of allergy may have a reaction to the product, in which case the use should be discontinued immediately. To prevent any damage to the scalp, take the allergy test before using dry shampoo.

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