Do you have a few extra pounds?

Follow these infallivest tips

Losing weight is not easy! Our pace of life, lack of time or motivation and the many temptations are obstacles to achieving the goal. Forget the “miracle recipes” and adopt healthy lifestyles that you will maintain in the long run.

1.Set a goal and timeline
These should be realistic and not harmful to your health. For example, try to lose a maximum of one pound per week. By losing weight fast, your body will eliminate water and muscle mass and not fat. You will also avoid weakening or dehydrating yourself.The ideal is to weigh yourself once a week, always at the same time.

2.Move further
Thirty minutes of physical activity per day will at least help you reach your goal. You can split these minutes into multiple sessions. The type of exercise does not matter, but take advantage of every movement that burns calories. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk or bike to work, play with your children!

3.Balanced Meal
Your body needs all the nutrients, a balanced diet whenever possible, including protein, fruit or vegetable and starchy foods throughout your meals. These foods leave your menu colored, giving satiety and replenishing all the necessary vitamins.

4.Reduce your portions
Eat smaller portions, but more often, three small meals and one or two snacks a day. This will allow you to better control your hunger.

5.Eat Slower
You will allow the signs of satiety to warn you before you overeat, do not eat watching television, being on the cell phone, nothing that distracts you, taste the food.

6.Drink plenty of water
Water is the most important nutrient – especially when it comes to weight loss. Water can reduce appetite and, as it does not contain calories, can help reduce calorie intake. Drinking 500 ml of water before each meal is a great tip. Often, when people think they are hungry, they are simply dehydrated. There are many other benefits of water, since helping to accelerate weight loss even healthier and younger skin, it also helps to eliminate bacteria and toxins that are trapped within the system.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This will give you enough energy to attack your day on the right foot. Eat lighter foods at night.

8.Reduce your alcohol consumption
Beer and other alcoholic beverages contain many calories.

9.Learn to detect harmful foods
Some foods do not forgive in terms of sugar, fat or calories. This is the case, for example, of cold meats, sweets, soft drinks, etc. Choose fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snacks when you have a craving.

10.Surround yourself
Your friends and family are your best allies. Practice sports or cook with them and ask them to support you in your weight loss approach. Trust them in the hardest times.

Do you have too much weight to lose?
We recommend that you consult a health professional, such as a nutritionist or a physician, so that you are regularly followed and that a plan of action is implemented according to your specific needs.
Certain products, foods, or lifestyle changes may not be right for you. Always consult your doctor or health care professional to evaluate what is best for you.

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