Fight stretch marks with a hydration of slug and olive oil!

Striae are a term characterized by irregular regions of the skin that look like lists and may appear whitish or reddish.

These marks can appear when there is a rapid stretch of the skin. As in the blessed pregnancy, either by excessive gain of weight, accelerated growth, among other factors. Various aesthetic treatments can be used to combat them, some from natural products. There are a number of expensive creams on the market and treatments at famous cosmetic clinics that promise to greatly soften the appearance of stretch marks, but cost a fortune. But there are lots of homemade recipes to stop the stretch marks and in most cases they have great results.

We’ll point out to you a special hint of homemade cream so you can eliminate these imperfections, they can somehow be treated properly with slug cream.

You will only need one aloe leaf and two tablespoons of olive oil!

Method of preparation:

Thoroughly clean the algae leaf and remove its pulp (gel). In a bowl, mix the pulp with the olive oil until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. After that apply in regions where you have stretch marks and do this for at least twice a day, until you get very satisfactory results. If you want enough conservation, leave it in the refrigerator, so it will last much longer than desired.

It is worth mentioning that this recipe is especially effective because in addition to the benefits of slug aloe. It still has the benefits of olive oil, which is rich in oleic acid.

Tips for the treatment of stretch marks to work in the most efficient way.

If you hydrate enough, practice physical activities and always use moisturizing creams and sunscreen. There is no miracle formula that makes stretch marks disappear overnight. In fact it is not possible to eliminate the scars completely. But with dedication and good health practices one can stay with beautiful skin and reduce stains significantly.

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