Francesinha on the toenail: how to make the complete step by step!

Before we start doing the tutorial it is essential to take good care of the toenails.

First, understand that painting your toenails is not enough so that they are always healthy and looking good. To avoid unpleasant surprises that weaken and damage the nails, it is essential to know how to clean, cut, sanding and moisturize. By taking care of the beauty of your feet, you can choose to sand the sole or just skin it. There are some who prefer to sanding, but this can make the sole even thicker making you have to sand it all the time. And do not forget the materials.

You want to have delicate-looking feet a great suggestion to decorate your nails is to make the Frenchie on your nails. Since many of you still have doubts or feel difficulty in making the little Francesinha at home, I’ll do it step by step. Understand that they have conquered your space and now is super high, if you do not have much practice to decorate nails and do all the hassle, will surely be content with the little girl.

The lovely little Frenchie on the toenails.

After tapping or moisturizing the nails, place the finger separator on the feet.

Always start by applying the strengthening base on all nails.

Take a comic strip put on top of the nail, leaving only the space you will make the little Frenchwoman.

Make the dash of the little Frenchwoman at the tip of each finger with a white enamel, as soon as it is dry and you think it is necessary for another layer, then apply the same enamel again.

Apply translucent enamel to base and thereby place a layer of color enhancement cover.

Then, after all the toenails have dried, give a layer of drying oil. And finally, your little sister will be ready.

But do not forget to remove the excesses with the orange stick and a cotton soaked with nail polish remover in the corners of the nails.

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