Olive oil becomes a natural make-up remover perfect for taking waterproof mascara.

The waterproof mascara can be quite difficult to take away since it is made to be water resistant and therefore it is useless to wash the face to remove it.

But you do not have to worry! This type of eyelash mask can be removed quickly and effectively, not only it as the makeup as well. After all sleeping with makeup or skin with residue is one of the worst things you can do with your face. Residues clog the pores, promote the production of oil, and the result everyone already knows can lead to more oily skin with more acne or pimples, as well as blackheads … The main idea is that this process is carried out safely to human health and the environment, with natural and affordable products, since many men and women get their makeup done, so they need to take these products frequently. That’s right, I’ve come to teach you how to make a Biphasic Make-Up Remover!

What would be a Biphasic Cleanser?

Two-phase make-up removers are an average between the two other types (the water-based and oily). Ideas for those who have normal skin to drought, since they are a little more fluid. If your skin is oily, avoid this type of makeup remover, since it can increase oil production, but usually remove the makeup very well. Besides that some has scents.

Let’s make the olive oil decancer: First the ingredients.

An extra virgin olive oil

A mineral water

Nothing difficult, right?

Take a suitable container and fill half with water, half with olive oil.

Close and, when using, shake well and pour quickly on cotton.

Put the wet cotton for a few seconds in the eyes. With water proof makeup to then rub very gently in this region. When applying in the eye region, remember to not apply pressure or pull on the lashes. So as not to break them.

Very important you also change the cotton as soon as it removes the mascara in the other eye.

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