Pink Lancôme illuminator Absolutely Rose

The illuminator, as its name suggests, is responsible for creating spots of lights on the face giving that natural glow to the skin.

It is the great responsibility of giving that beautiful look to the skin of the celebrities in which we have been so inspired. The illuminator may not be immediately identified in a makeup. But its presence makes all the difference in the final result. The item is used to finish the makeup and highlight areas of the face, leaving a natural and sophisticated finish.

The illuminator before was an extra step at the time of doing the makeup and ended up winning the heart of the crazy for beauty. He took a captive place in the nécessaires and became essential in the routine of many people. Among the options of powder or liquid illuminator, it depends on each person. “For greasy skins, powdered illuminators are more dull and avoid excessive glare. We use it when we want to highlight a certain area of ​​the face. We are going to present a super innovative illuminator, really captivating, something constantly unique. If you are someone who prefers a natural makeup , this bookmark is right for you.

What say, then, when we saw this illuminator that comes with a rose inside?

It was inspired by the Parisian spring that has this very romantic air. The product is part of the Absolutely Rose, spring 2017 collection of Lancome. A French company that has the flower as its trademark. It is an artificial rose that is inside a case that I think was inspired by a jewelry shop from the 50’s. The rose and bathed with the illuminator and when the brush is passed through the petals, the product comes out.

To use it on any part of your face you want to highlight, such as your cheeks and nose.
The price of this beautiful rose and $ 60 for those who receive in dollars or euros of good, now for us Brazilians is very expensive. If you come to Brazil it is around 300 reais. If you have a person who lives where the coin is euros or dollars. Ask her to pick it up for you, haha ​​gift piece.

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