S.O.S Hair: Tips to Recover the Yarn from Summer Damage.

As much as we take care to mitigate the damage, the threads end up suffering in the heat.

As wonderful as it is to enjoy a sea bath or a swimming pool on a beautiful sunny day, the wires suffer the consequences. But nothing that a good treatment does not solve! Highly judged and broken tips may need cutting, but with a few tips today, you will not need to do that. The most common complaints received by hairdressers at this time of year are hair dryness, color fading and hair fiber fragility.

Break for the rest.

Before performing any treatment on the wires, give them a rest. This includes avoiding any kind of chemical aggression that could cause more damage to your structure. Some hairs need a rest for 3 to 6 months before being exposed again. And nothing to wear a flat iron because your hair is already damaged, use a flat iron and dryer will not improve the situation, quite the contrary, it will only aggravate the health of your wires.

Hair color: “Choose toners rich in essential oils.”

Painted hair should pay more attention to wig care not only in summer. The treatment to recover the hair post-summer begins in the choice of the product that will be used to give color to the wires.

Daily Care.

Drying the wires, caused by the harmful effects of summer, increases the amount of double ends. To minimize the appearance of poorly treated hair, keep hair well cut, nor need to cut as much.

Dehydrated wires.

The tip is to invest in a mask instead of the conditioner, every three days. As it will ensure loose and soft threads, or if you want a more turbid result, just after applying the mask, wait for it to act for the recommended time .

Do not let your hair schedule aside after summer.

Now that summer is over, it’s time to get them back. The capillary schedule involves three treatments: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction. You should assemble your schedule according to the actual need and type of wire. It’s good to get organized.

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