Starry lipstick: Anna Sui

Anna Sui is a designer of clothes, makeup, perfumes and accessories.

Despite it being American, its products are primarily aimed at the Japanese and Chinese public. So they are very cute styles and packaging, in a mix of Gothic and Lady. “I am an American, suburban, pop-culture author,” writes Anna Sui in “The World of Anna Sui,” published this month to accompany an exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London. “And being an American, I’ve always wanted to be an American designer.”

After designing clothes in her apartment, Sui, who was born in Detroit, held her first parade in 1991 with the encouragement of her friends of supermodels Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista. A fashion icon, Sui is living her version of the American dream: “You have to focus on your dreams, even if they go beyond common sense.” All delicate and lolita style / princess, very feminine! As this brand does not sell in Brazil, the way is to take advantage of the site itself! Sell ​​on BeautyBay and deliver to Brazil.

The starry lipstick.

Yes, one of the cosmetics that she produced and what caught my attention was this lipstick.

It is well-sated, well all Anna Sui’s edible oils are beautiful, it has a half-shaped star shape, and has around 8 more colors. Its packaging is quite well made, and holds up stars at the base of the lipstick packaging. Your purchase in some countries is very complicated, but on the website BeautyBay sells to most countries, as I said. The price will depend on the currency you are using. There it even turns your currency and shows the total price to be paid. The price is really not very favorable for many, the price changes according to the value of your currency.

News of mouth-watering beauty. I hope some brands are inspired and throw different things so. After all nothing cooler than going to touch a lipstick in front of her friends and he be like, totally wonderful.

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