Tanning Barra: Bourjois

Bourjois, one of the oldest active cosmetic brands in France and one of the most prestigious in the segment.

Markets its complete line of products in more than 60 countries around the world through approximately 23,000 points of sale. Among items that are part of its product line are also accessories such as nail files, brushes of all kinds and even mirrors. Bourjois is always innovating, but never lost its characteristic: the retro and vintage air. In 2009 she salvaged a bit of that by launching a limited edition called Vintage Collection, with five shades and three blushes, in the traditional round and timeless, incredible boxes. This brand was also responsible for years for the production of the makeup line of Chanel, former owner of the brand. Currently Bourjois products are produced in the same factory as Chanel products, with the same technology applied in both brands.

It contains several striking products, and what I will talk about is the Bronzant Bar.

Starting with the packaging that is cartoned, firm and very full of presence. This tanner exists in two versions, the 51 color that works the most for light skin and the 52 that is the version that works for darker skins, unfortunately there is no version for black skins. What does the brand say?

“Blush Délice de Poudre Peaux Mates is one of Bourjois best-known makes! With tempting packaging imitating chocolate, this bronzing blush has a fine, ultra-soft texture that delivers a natural, uniform and healthy result. “It has a practical package with an integrated mirror and sponge. Spread the product on the face with the applicator sponge.

They are very dry and do not crumble at all. The pigmentation is good, but because it is a well pressed product. In order to get the color you have to brush the brush with will. The face really hard enough! Many are loving it because they find it easier to work with it, even weighing the hand they stay on the point, without exaggeration, I find it easy to make the skin without this worry at the time of applying.

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