Vult Shadow Quintet: Diva

Vult is one of the Brazilian national brands that I like best for the ease of being found.

For having friend prices, but mainly for always bringing an incredible range of products with an incredible quality. The vult palettes are well pigmented and come with basic colors and even some bolder colors for that night make that we love. And nothing better than a review of the palettes so that we know better and see if it is worth the investment. This was one of my first palettes of the brand and that is a great success, for bringing basic colors with scintillating and opaque finish. All colors are well pigmented according to the intensity of the tone.

What the brand has to describe:

“With ultra-fine texture and micronized particles, the product promotes high adhesion and vibrant colors, providing flawless finish to the make-up. From the classics to the bolder ones, the quintets allow a multitude of combinations. ”

This vult shade palette with 5 colors is ideal even to carry in the bag. Because in my opinion it does not occupy space, is thin, and leaves you ready to raze in the makeup. And it is worth remembering that, fashion is now neutral makes, that eye more natural and elegant. The only thing I see is the fact that some shadows crumple a little as the brush passes. However, for the price, even crumbling I am still happy, because when talking about pigmentation, they get a lot of bonuses, the colors reveal well in the eyes, they last and have a soft texture. We have in colors: Black, brown, guava (a light pink), a pearly and at last a very light nude.

The main negative point is the fragility of the packaging. However beautiful it is weaker than the Touch of Nature, for example (but the colors are better). They are very pigmented, but they crumble a bit. So you have to be careful not to get your skin dirty while doing the make! Always try to use primer to last longer.

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