With just four items you make an anti-aging mask!

There are some techniques we can do at home without putting our health at risk and getting good  results.

Some facial masks are made with natural products. And the best we have at home. Yes, inside your refrigerator or pantry. It is not only the white hair that reveals old age, but also aspects of the skin, such as the famous and dreaded wrinkles that denounce the years. That’s why “anti-aging” or “anti-aging” products are so sought after. Facial masks are a great way to give your skin a deep cleansing and contribute to the elimination of acne blemishes and damaged skin.

The problem that is happening today is that the modern lifestyle, subjected to environmental pollution, UV rays, sedentary lifestyle and other factors, is accelerating this process on the skin and body, so most of these people are having signs much earlier .

How about resorting to homemade recipes to rejuvenate your skin? Who does not like a “good and cheap” homemade recipe? Here you find a marvelous one with cocoa!

The excellent ingredients for an anti-aging mask:

One tablespoon of cocoa powder.

1 tablespoon of rice starch (or corn starch).

One tablespoon of plain yogurt.

One teaspoon of honey.

In a bowl put the cocoa powder and the rice starch, mix the two until a homogeneous powder, with that place the yogurt and the honey.

Mix well until one type of cream remains

As soon as you finish the cream, before applying wash your face and then apply and let it act for ten to fifteen minutes.

Some tips I can give you is that: If you have a lot more oily skin or have spots (or both), the tip is to replace the starch with a white clay spoon. It leaves your skin much fresher and purifies. And it is important to remember that when buying cocoa powder, it is quality and sugar free.

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